Order of the Royal and Select Masters of England and Wales

District of Somerset and Wiltshire

History of the District

1927 - Consecration of Wessex Council No.41, Bath
1980 - Creation of the Southern Division
1980 - Installation of Maj. Geoffrey Payne as Divisional Grand Inspector
1985 - Installation of Maj. John Donald Smith Ollesen as Divisional Grand Inspector
1988 - Consecration of St Edmond Council No.155, Calne
1990 - Consecration of Taunton Council No.164, Taunton
1995 - Creation of the Division of Avon, Somerset and Wiltshire
1995 - Installation of Raymond Marshfield Morison as Divisional Grand Inspector
1997 - Creation of the District of Somerset and Wiltshire
1997 - 1Installation of Raymond Marshfield Morison as District Grand Master
2002 - Installation of David Hartley as District Grand Master
2004 - Consecration of Nailsea Council No.249, Nailsea
2006 - Transfer of St Edmond Council No.155 to Devizes
2006 - Consecration of North Bristol Council No.269, Stapleton, Bristol
2013 - Re-Consecration of The Premier West of England Council No 7, Bristol
2013 - Installation of David Brian Nelson as District Grand Master
2017 - Consecration of Kind David's Council of Reflection No 338, at Bristol