Order of the Royal and Select Masters of England and Wales

District of Somerset and Wiltshire

2016/17 Calendar

Dates for your diary

Tuesday 22th November - Nailsea meeting
Monday 28th November - Excellent Master meeting MMH London
Wednesday 14th December - Executive Committee meeting at The Webbington
Monday 23rd January - Premier West of England at Bristol
Saturday 28th January - Taunton meeting, District presents Travelling Trowel to Taunton
Thursday 2nd February - Silver Trowel and Ex. Master Ceremony at MMH London
Friday 10th February - Wessex Installation at Bath
Wednesday 15th February - Silver Trowel and Ex. Master Ceremony at FMH Bristol
Tuesday 28th February - Nailsea Installation
Thursday 2nd March - North Bristol Installation at Stapleton
Tuesday 14th March - St Edmunds meeting at Devizes
Friday 7th April - Wessex meeting at Bath
Tuesday 18th April - Grand Council meeting MMH London
Thursday 4th May - Taunton presents Travelling Trowel to North Bristol at Stapleton
Monday 15th May - Premier West of England Meeting at Bristol
Saturday 3rd June - Taunton meeting including Silver Trowel meeting
Tuesday 13th June (by dispensation) - Nailsea meeting at Nailsea
Monday 26th June - St Edmunds meeting at Devizes
Tuesday 12th September - N Bristol meeting at Stapleton
Saturday 16th September - Taunton Installation meeting
Monday 25th September - Premier West of England Installation at Bristol
Wednesday 11th October - St Edmunds Installation at Devizes
Friday 10th November - Wessex Installation
Saturday 18th November - Annual District meeting - Keynsham