Order of the Royal and Select Masters of England and Wales

District of Somerset and Wiltshire

The Thrice Illustrious Master Degree (Silver Trowel)

The Thrice Illustrious Master degree, more commonly known as the Order of the Silver Trowel, has been performed in America for a number years and was introduced into this country in 2009.

The degree is both extremely interesting and colourful and takes place during the final days of King David, about 970BC, and recounts the abortive attempt of Adonijah, the half-brother of Solomon, to assume the throne and then the latter's anointment as King. It concludes with a remarkable discourse between David and Solomon.

Membership is by invitation only. The District Grand Master is invited to recommend a select number of Installed Masters to receive this degree, but is limited to one member for every Council in the District. Each recommendation has to be personally approved by the Most Illustrious Grand Master before the Companion can receive it.

Recipients of the degree are entitled to have a hallmarked Silver Trowel attached to the flap of their apron.

The degree is worked in a number of Royal and Select Masters Districts by Installed Masters Councils

Companions of the District who have been Annointed Thrice Illustrious Masters

Name Year Name Year Name Year
R. Ill. Comp. D Hartley 2008 Ill. Comp. G R Paskins 2012 Ill. Comp. I H Maxey 2017
V. Ill. Comp. A T Jones 2008 Ill. Comp. A L Thompson 2012    
R. Ill. Comp. J Massey 2008 Ill. Comp. N F Bevan 2013    
Ill. Comp. C T Cooper 2008 Ill. Comp. C T Callow 2013    
Ill. Comp. S L Brailey 2009 Ill. Comp. G E Morris 2013    
V. Ill. Comp. M P Burridge 2009 Ill. Comp. F S Parsons 2013    
V. Ill. Comp. C Court 2009 Ill. Comp. J D Allen 2014    
Ill. Comp. A P Beaumont 2009 Ill. Comp. T C Burton 2014    
V. Ill. Comp. R J Tossell 2009 Ill. Comp. I P Cox 2015    
Ill. Comp. A R Baker 2010 Ill. Comp. D J Stubbings 2015    
R. Ill. Comp. D B Nelson 2010 Ill. Comp. P Cooper 2015    
Ill. Comp. K R S Surry 2010 Ill Comp M W E Farrow 2015    
V. Ill. Comp. R Trollope 2010 Ill. Comp. M Hopkins 2015    
Ill. Comp. W Wood 2010 Ill. Comp. N K Handbury 2015    
Ill. Comp. R T Cooper 2011 Ill. Comp. N B Hawes 2016    
R. Ill. Comp. J S Honniball 2011 Ill Comp. J A N Frost 2017    
Ill. Comp. C Lowther 2011 Ill. Comp. D T Carter 2017    
Ill. Comp. P D S Wollington 2011 Ill. Comp. G J Hobbs 2017    
Ill. Comp. M S Durant 2012 Ill. Comp. A G Badman 2017